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Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence in the Workplace


Competencies in the Public Sector

Emotional competency is a capacity based on emotional intelligence that contributes to effective performance at work.  Proficiency in these emotional competencies can improve productivity and psychological well-being at work (Cherniss, 2000).  This is important in public sector work, where high burn-out rates and heavy workload can deplete organizations.  Not all competencies are necessarily inherent to the person; they can be developed and learned through awareness and experience. 

Four emotional competencies are especially key to work in the public sector:

These four emotional competencies are categorized by:

Effectively using emotional intelligence in the workplace means identifying and managing emotional cues in both self and others.  The emotionally charged situations you will encounter as a caseworker will both challenge and strengthen your abilities in these competencies.  As you review the emotional competencies, think about how you might call upon them in situations you may face as a caseworker.


Emotional Intelligence
Competencies in the Public Sector
Self: Personal Competence
Other: Social Competence

 - Emotional self-awareness
 - Accurate self-assessment
 - Self-confidence

 Social Awareness
 - Empathy
 - Service orientation
 - Organizational awareness

 - Self-control
 - Trustworthiness
 - Conscientiousness
 - Adaptability
 - Achievement drive
 - Initiative

 Relationship Management

 - Developing others
 - Influence
 - Communication
 - Conflict Management
 - Leadership
 - Change catalyst
 - Building bonds
 - Teamwork and collaboration

Jacobsin, Cherniss, and Goleman (2001), The Emotionally Intelligent Workplace

(The following definitions are taken from Emotional Competence Inventory (ECI), Technical Manual, Hay Group, McClelland Center for Research and Innovation Prepared by Fabio Sala, Ph.D. June 2002)

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