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The Organization of Documentation

 computerElectronic files:Casework narratives, decisions and plans are documented and filed in the Maine Automated Child Welfare Information System (known as MACWIS).

MACWIS is a database system used for Child Welfare cases. Using electronic files facilitates consistency in documentation and enables you to easily access case information across the state. If an entry is inaccurate, grammatically incorrect, or containing reporting errors, the  narrative log in MACWIS can  be amended at the request of a supervisor. When you amend, you should not change the original entry, but rather add a notation to the original entry indicating that it has been amended. The amendment entry should include the time and date followed by the corrective information.

file cabinet  Paper files: Some case information is on paper or "hard copy" and can include: psychological, medical or psycho-social evaluations, education records, and legal documents and reports from other providers. These documents are kept in the case file. You should include a summary version of each document, or reference   it in your MACWIS narrative log.

clock  There are specific policy-based deadlines for when documentation is required to be completed. For some timelines & deadlines, MACWIS provides automated “ticklers” or reminders to the caseworker. . For some of the other timelines and deadlines, the caseworker has to remember when they are due.  Completion timelines vary in many ways. For details on timelines, please consult with your supervisor and refer to the OCFS policy on time frames.

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