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* Rubin, J (2000). Writing skills for case documentation. Retrieved January 22, 2008, from University of Pittsburgh, School of Social Work website.

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Conveying Professionalism

Documentation IS:

Note from Larry: I’m not sure you should include the whole UPitt training manual as the supplemental material; it’s 40 pages, which may be overwhelming to the learner. What about pulling out relevant and useful tools & other parts from the manual that could be used for exercises or quizzes?

Documentation is NOT:

Speak with your supervisor about alternative methods for recording or filing these types of narrative entries.  



What is professionalism through tone?

Tone is defined as “a writer’s attitude toward the subject or its readers.” Professional credibility hinges on the care taken to document your work as truthfully, accurately, completely, and objectively as possible. In conveying objectivity, it is important to recognize the “tone” in your documentation. Tone can often come out very clearly in your writing without your even being aware of it.

While it is not your job to promote goodwill in your writing, case notes should not appear to be prejudicial or judgmental. Do not include your feelings, no matter how strong, in the case notes. To have credibility and to convey professionalism, case notes need to be objective.*

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