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Actions Related to Permanency

Actions Related to Permanency

Finding the best option for permanency for a child involves strong teamwork.

Permanency planning should be at the center of Family Team Meeting work. Family Team Meetings will be covered in more detail in another module.

Activity Notes

Note from DeeDee: These are the activity notes from the module - please let me know if you can think of a way to translate into an activity. A thought here is if you can find a list of activities for each topic, we can just turn into a reflection exercise like we had earlier (compare to possible answers):

Trainer note: Permanency Philosophy could be a small group activity in which groups take one or more philosophical points and describe what it means in their own terms and list how they’ll carry it out in their jobs.

Trainer note: Discussing caseworker permanency activities is best suited to a small group activity in which caseworkers discuss ways in which they’ll carry out each of the activities in their job. Trainees can be split up by job specialty (two or three groups) and list activities in all five areas or groups can be split up randomly and list all ways they’ll carry out one of the activities (five groups or assign more than one activity to each group).

Trainer states: We’re now going to discuss together very specifically those things you can do on your job to improve permanency chance for the children with whom you work. I’d like you to split up into five groups. I will then give each of your groups 20 minutes to come up with all the activities you can that relate to one of the five slides you have detailing different areas of action related to permanency:

Trainer note: If you wish to split up the group by job specialty, i.e. CPS, CS, or Adoption you give instructions that each group will have all five areas and need to develop activities for each one. This takes a little more time probably 30 minutes.

Trainer states: For this activity I’d like you to present in the order of the assignments. So group one please come up and, just before you list your activities let me put up the slide.


Actions Related to Permanency

Caseworkers must develop a wide range of partners in finding permanency for a child:

To determine who is in the extended family or who the other adults are in the child’s life, ask the parent(s) these questions:

Relentlessly recruit permanency options by:

Explore the full range of permanency options

Continuously provide services and supports to permanency. These services and supports are always child-centered and family-focused.

Services and supports should be:

Empower youth to be permanency partners by:

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