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Understanding the Permanency Process

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Permanency Philosophy

Child welfare practice has an underlying philosophy on permanency:

Every child is entitled to a permanent family.

This philosophy should guide your all of work with children and families. As a caseworker, you play a crucial role in determining how a child achieves permanency.

Permanency Philosophy

Permanency planning finds and builds on the strengths of the:

Children are often able to partner with their team to make permanency decisions.

Respecting and honoring family constitution and heritage is crucial.

Many of the families we serve already feel stigmatized by their involvement with DHHS.

We must do everything in our power to respect the family and not exacerbate or contribute to that feeling of stigma.

It was once common to hear a comment from a caseworker such as, “Oh, this case is a slam dunk termination of parental rights.”

Comments such as this are no longer tolerated. Our mission as a Department is to help families to reunify, even in the face of tremendous challenges.

It is in the child’s best interest to be with their birth family if it can be safe.

While securing a permanency option, ensure that services and supports are:

A child’s family should be given every opportunity within reason to reunify successfully.

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