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Finding Family – Kevin Campbell’s Practice

Kevin Campbell is a specialist in finding family members (kin or fictive kin) for children in care. He advises caseworkers trying to locate family resources for children/youth. Kevin’s practice includes these techniques:

  • Review / “mine” the entire case record of the child/family
  • From the case record, write down names and addresses of people who are likely to still live at those addresses (e.g. older people, people who seem to own their own home)
  • Select people from the record and use the systems we can resource to locate them (e.g. Bureau of Motor Vehicle records)
  • Contact those people and ask to meet with them, ask them for other people who are involved with the family, ask them who gets the family together, generate more contact information for extended family and/or friends

Kevin Campbell reports that his research shows that for the average child, you can find 40 or more relatives.

He has located relatives for children in care from Maine for whom there seemingly has been no hope to locate a family resource.

As you can see from Kevin Campbell’s practice, diligent and urgent searches can result in a number of permanency options for children who need a family.

Stability is NEVER Permanency

No amount of stability in any placement, short of a legal and permanent relationship, is ever truly permanency.

NEVER stop searching for a permanency option for a child, no matter if they are small children or teenagers. A resource can most likely be found.

Remember … Every child is entitled to a permanent family.


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