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Mandated Reporting Adult Protective Services Title Graphic

Unit 2

Key Points

  • Indicators of abuse are actual signs of symptoms that suggest that abuse has occurred or is likely to occur. They may be physical or behavioral.

    • Physical indicators include injuries or signs of restraint.

    • Behavioral indicators include the conduct of, or interactions between, the victim and the abuser.

    • It would not fit your mandate.

  • Adults have the right to make their own decisions unless adjudicated incapacitated by a Probate Judge.

  • Self-neglect refers to persons who may have lost the ability to care for themselves due to their physical or mental impairment, as opposed to persons who have chosen an unsafe lifestyle.
  • A threat to an adult's health or welfare by physical or mental injury or impairment; deprivation of essential needs or lack of protection from these.


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