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Ladder Introduction

Did you know that falls are the leading cause of deaths in and around the house and worksite? Some of these incidents involve disabling injuries! The purpose of this training is to educate YOU on how to prevent ladder injuries and avoid becoming a “ladder user statistic!”

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Safety is no accident!

Injury, Not Accident!

Accident: An unexpected occurrence, happening by chance.

Injury: A definable, correctable event, with specific risks for occurrence. Injury results when risk is poorly managed. Injury can be prevented!

Maine Workman's Compensation Claims:

Maine Workers' Compensation claims 1994-2002, where workers lost one or more days from work from an injury due to ladders:

Total number of injuries - 453.

The back is the body part most commonly affected.

Overexertion is the most common cause of the injury.

Electronic repairer of electronic/industrial equipment; carpenters; electricians; and painter, construction and maintenance workers are the most common occupations.

Ship building and repairing; cable and other pay TV services are the most common industries.

Sprains, strains and tears are the most common type of injury.

2 amputations, 25 fractures are reflected in these numbers.


Ladder Accident Causes

Causes of Ladder Accidents:

 Complacently about danger.

Dizziness and poor balance.

Fatigue and weak muscles and bones.

Poor vision.

Poor hearing and exposure to noise.

Ladder touching live electrical conductors.

Ladder slipping at top.

Ladder slipping at base.

Ladder resting against movable objects.

Falling material.



Occupational Safety & Health Administration

Establishes and enforces regulations covering working safely on ladders. Requires employers to train workers on how to safely use ladders. Requires employees to follow their company’s ladder safety rules.

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5 Rules of Ladder Safety

Rule 1: Select the Right Ladder for the Job. 

Rule 2: Inspect the Ladder Before You Use It.

Rule 3: Set Up the Ladder with Care.

Rule 4: Climb and Descend Ladders Cautiously.

Rule 5: Follow all company and OSHA  
            safety procedures when working 
            on a ladder.


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